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“Advancing coaching to the highest standards” – International Association of Coaching

ASPLC is a unique life coach training school with a vision to teach coaching skills to every person on earth.  We believe this will change the world, when parents, teachers and leaders learn how to listen and draw the very best from the people in their sphere of influence.  We believe that coaching is deeply spiritual work, because we are helping the people we work with to reconnect with their deepest selves.

At ASPLC, every student is paired with a master life coach who works with them independently to prepare them for certification. This relationship is at the core of our training which has students practicing coaching skills with other students around the globe in our virtual learning environment and at our physical locations. Students are also supported in building a coaching community locally so that they can spread the skills of coaching to their local communities.

ASPLC’s Certified Life Coach Program is an assessment-based training program and our life coaches are tested and trained with high quality training.  The program’s focus on quality training allows it to fit into even the busiest lifestyles:  the training is flexible and allows you to work the requirements into your schedule. Classes are held weekly in our global learning community and with the assistance of their mentor coach, students are able to join ASPLC as a student any time they wish and continue learning with us for life.

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An Expertly Crafted Life Coaching Education

The Certified Life Coach (CLC) training  program is designed for students who have a natural talent for bringing out the best in others and who enjoy tapping into the natural wisdom that each person possesses.  ASPLC supplies intense training that turns that talent into a career – as well as the credentials that will let clients know that they are in good hands.

While most life coaching programs are internet-based businesses, few programs offer a comprehensive education in the art and science of life coaching by experts in the field. Candidates for this program are carefully selected based on aptitude and motivation, though no specific degree or background is required.  Graduates of our certificate program receive certification from ASPLC and prospective clients and employers are able to contact ASPLC to verify the credentials of our graduates.  Upon completion of the program, graduates are also prepared for international certification by the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

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Professional Development

Become an inspirational leader in your field.

Personal Development

A highly transformational experience.

For Organizations

Equipping leaders with powerful coaching skills.

Professional Coaching Programs

Coaching is currently one of the fastest growing fields – Its focus on positive psychology, organizational tools and inspiring and motivating individuals and organizations makes it the ideal toolset for innovative leaders as well as the perfect occupation for those interested in an exciting and meaningful career.  ASPLC’s core mission is to train and credential talented men and women who desire to make a difference in others’ lives through becoming professional coaches.

Pricing plans

ASPLC offers you

  • Active listening skills
  • How to motive others
  • Properly timing advice
  • How to put others at ease
  • Create a culture of respect
  • Access a group’s best thinking
  • Expert conflict resolution
  • Efficient team communication
  • Ideal customer service
  • Unleash team creativity
  • Productive & enjoyable meetings
  • Certification by the American School of Professional Life Coaching (ASPLC)
  • Certification by the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

What our graduates say

  • As a leader, I am often approached by my staff for help in their professional lives and sometimes even their personal lives. For years I struggled to help them by offering advice that I wasn’t even sure was the best thing for them. Knowing I needed help to learn how to advise my people, I decided to take ASPLC’s coaching course. In the past, if someone came to me with a problem, I would immediately come up with a solution for them and then jump in with advice. This training taught me that people often have the best answers to their own problems within them and it’s my job to help them find those answers. By using Transformational Listening, I now have the tools to listen to someone’s problem and ask them questions that help them find their best solution. I no longer push my own agenda or coerce people to take my advice.

    Professional Development
  • The best part of having taken the course is the vast improvement it has made in my relationships. People used to shut down and get upset with me when I would offer solutions to their problems. Now, I use my Transformational Listening skills with them and it’s like magic!  I guide them to come up with their own best solutions. Instead of shutting down and being upset after venting to me, I find that people are uplifted and so happy! I am a much better spouse, parent and friend as a result of this training!!  Thank you Dr. Rosenbaum for teaching me how to truly listen and help the people I most care about in my life.

    Personal Development

ASPLC is Internationally Licensed

The American School of Professional Life Coaching is licensed by one the most prestigious life coach associations in the world: the International Association of Coaching (IAC).You can trust that you will be receiving a first rate education that will prepare to for a career as a Life Coach.

Become a Certified Life Coach
International Association of Coaching

Serving a Worldwide Audience

The American School of Professional Life Coaching (ASPLC) was founded  by Dr. Elliott B. Rosenbaum.  Dr Rosenbaum is a board certified clinical psychologist and master life coach, trained in high-intensity coaching by the U.S. Navy.

The American School of Professional Life Coaching (APSLC) operates in Jacksonville Florida and also online through a unique internet-based classroom system to provide the highest standard of life coach education anywhere in the world.

You can Transform Your Life at ASPLC